Spokane is one of the liveliest cities in the States. With no shortage of outdoor activities, a short drive away from the West Coast, and home to several popular universities, it can be difficult to keep up. Quality meals are hard to come by when you’re journeying from Spokane’s greatest mid-century architecture sites or going on a hike with friends. 

We believe that eating healthy shouldn’t have to be difficult. That’s why the Konala’s healthy drive thru is here to help! Konala was founded with the mission to simplify healthy eating one location at a time. We’re opening a location right here in Spokane to bring you the freshest and most nutritious food there is. Experience the quality-made, fast-paced drive-thru soon with Konala!

Menu Highlights


Mini Bowls

Poke Bowl
Mini Chicken Teriyaki Protein Bowl

Our Konala bowls are a popular choice, and it isn’t hard to see why. Our bowls come in six different options: teriyaki, burrito, Greek, spicy, poke, and chicken Caesar. You can also customize your base as rice, half and half, or grains. Top that off with six of our tasty sauces and ranches and you have a recipe for nutritious, yet delicious.

Mini bowls are perfect for children or those with a smaller appetite. Choose between a mini steak, teriyaki, chicken, spicy, ahi poke, or tofu options. These bowls are proof that healthy eating can be simple, yet effective. 

Instead of crazy amounts of ingredients and supplements, mini bowls at the healthy drive thru only come with three main ingredients and still manage to provide a delectable, mouthwatering experience.

About Konala In Spokane

After realizing there was a lack of healthy fast food options in the world, Tracie and Jammie Miller founded Konala in 2023. They named their business after their two rescue dogs, “Kona” and “Nala,” and made it their mission to create healthy and convenient foods. Eager to promote healthy lifestyles and proper fitness, these two were passionate about creating a healthy drive thru that served fresh, nutritious meals. As the brand expands to new locations, Konala proves that good food can be easy, and still taste just as good.

Why Konala Choose Spokane

Oftentimes, we sacrifice quality, nutritious foods for cheap and easy stomach fillers. We understand! There simply aren’t many healthy drive thru options out there that don’t end up tasting worse than a burger. Konala, however, is able to bridge this gap. 

Konala works a lot like “healthy meal prep foods.” But instead of simply throwing bland, frozen diet foods into a microwave, Konala ingredients are made fresh throughout the day. We are committed to using fresh materials in all of our foods, and we don’t cheap out on quality to make quantity. We combine quality ingredients with a fast-food model; keeping the speed but without the junk food. This is ideal for those living the fast-paced life that comes with living in Spokane.

Visit Us

Come by Konala’s new Spokane, WA location soon for a visit! We want nothing more than to provide you with easy, healthy foods that leave you feeling confident and satisfied. Discover quality-made foods made and customized to suit your needs and preferences. Call us at (208) 777-2695 to get your order started. We hope to see you soon!